Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lotion Bars

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I've joined the craze!  Everywhere you turn on Pinterest, you find recipes for homemade lotion bars.  I decided to give it a try.  What this has to do with our grandmothers, I'm not sure, but I will think of something!

All of the research that I've done indicates that lotion bars have the following ingredients and measurements:

1/3 beeswax
1/3 butter
1/3 oil

I'm not talking about cooking oil and the type of butter that you cook with.  You can use Shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, etc.  As far as oils go, you can use olive oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, etc.

I decided to use cocoa butter and coconut oil. 

The other little jar you see is essential oil.  I like a scented lotion so I put in a few teaspoons of lemon essential oil.

One note:  plan ahead before you begin this project.  I got the beeswax from Michael's, the essential oil from GNC, I ordered the coconut oil from Amazon and I found cocoa butter from Walgreens.  I'm going to do some research because I think I can find the beeswax and cocoa butter cheaper somewhere else.

To begin, I made a double boiler out of two pots that I have.  I melted the beeswax first.  It took a long time because the beeswax was really hard!

When that was almost melted, I added the cocoa butter.

When that was melted, I added the coconut oil.  That took no time at all to melt!

When everything is melted, remove the pot from the boiling water.  Then, add the scent if you would like.

I poured the oil into a measuring jar to help guide it into the molds.

Within 5 minutes, the bars started to harden!

At Michael's I bought some cute little baggies so that I can wrap them up and give them away!


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  1. I LOVE what your whole blog stand are so right we have it so easy. I have decided that I too am going back in years & making my own goods, from cooking, cleaning, laundry & now body. KEEP IT UP!!
    I am a new follower & hope you will do the same. Nina


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