Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vacation Treats!

Just wanted to share some of the great things I picked up on my travels.  From farmer's markets, to the wild huckleberries of Wyoming, I found some great food items!

My family loves wine.  I think it is ok - I'll drink a sweet wine every once in a while.   My family gave me a couple of bottles of wine.  Thanks Diane for the Quinta de Gomariz and thanks to Karrie for the Soft Huckleberry Wine.

My sister Karrie has also learned how to make her own vinegar-guest post soon!  Thanks for the red wine vinegar and Montana honey from Julia!

In Utah, my sisters and I found this great store (Mountain Town Olive Oil) that made vinegar and oils.  The store had some great spices as well.  I bought some Cranberry Pear Balsamic Vinegar, Vanilla Beans, Fleur de Sel and Black Truffle Salt.

At the farmers market, I scored some lemon pepper linguini and Vanilla-Fig Balsamic vinegar from Pappardelle's. Heber Valley had some great Cherry Rhubarb Jam.  I also scored some great garlicky Sicilian Sauce from Grandma Sandino's.

Traveling to Wyoming was great.  Apparently huckleberries are a big thing in that part of the country.  I picked up some huckleberry lip balm, huckleberry jalepeno jam, wild huckleberry syrup and wild huckleberry licorice.

In Jackson, I found this great store called Vom Fass.  This store was similar to the one in Park City, Utah.  It specializes in vinegars, oils, spices but also makes liquors and other spirits.  At this store, I picked up some almond oil and sour cherry vodka!

It was a great trip.  I can't wait to make some great recipes from these goodies.  If you are familiar with any of them and have some tips, feel free to share!


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