Saturday, August 9, 2014

My New Gadget - Victorio Food Strainer

It's canning season again!  Last year I taught myself how to can - I loved it but quickly realized how much work it is!  When tomato season hit, I took the time to blanch the tomatoes, skin them and run them through a small food mill.  It was very time consuming!

This year I thought I would step out and purchase a food strainer.  I found this Victorio food strainer on Amazon for about $60.
It was super easy to put together as well!
I had about 5 pounds of tomatoes.  I washed and quartered them, making sure to remove the stems as well.  After they had been quartered, I put them in the large funnel and turned the crank.  Simple, easy and fast!
The skin and seeds come out one end and the juice and pulp come out the other.  I went through 5 pounds of tomatoes in about 5 minutes!  If you are into canning then I highly recommend this gadget!
Happy canning!

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