Monday, April 29, 2013

The Best Day of My Life

April 24, 1999 was the best day of my life.  That day, my son Jonah was born.  I thought I knew what love was until that day.  When Jonah came into my life, I quickly realized that I possessed a love that I had never experienced before.


As Jonah grew, I tried to show him the most important things in life:  God and family.  I'm still working on getting him to realize that importance of God in his life.  I think he understands that family is important.

Tonette watched Jonah until he was 2.  Jonah and Dominic became so close.
Spending time with his cousin Dominic, playing with dinosaurs.  Jonah knew
everything about dinosaurs when he was 3.

 Jonah loved Buzz Lightyear!

Everyday, he would dress up in a superhero costume!
Although time has gone so fast, my love for him grows stronger everyday (even though he is an annoying teenager).
As my relationship with God grows stronger, it amazes me that He loves all of us even more than my love for Jonah!  That is amazing!
Picking "hapatos" with Nonnu
I think of how lucky I was growing up - having such a loving family.  It makes me so sad to realize that there are so many children without parents that care, parents that want to spend time with their child. 
Jonah's first day of Kindergarten
This past year I lost my dad and a dear friend Keith.  Life goes by so fast and change in an instant.  Cherish your loved ones and never take them for granted.  

Jonah and I when we got married to Joe.
It is so easy for me to get distracted by my computer, phone, Facebook, television, books.  God and family are what is important.  I pray to God that He helps me remember my priorities and helps me be the best mother I can be.

Jonah-4th grade talent show
He sang Hungry Like a Wolf!

 Jonah challenges me everyday.  God give me strength.  He pushes boundaries.  God give me strength.  He is moody.  God give me strength.  He is still the most important person to me.  God give me strength.  Jonah is a wonderful young man.  God give me strength.  He is smart and good looking too (some say he takes after his mother).  God give me strength.
Happy birthday my dear sweet boy.  God give me strength.



  1. Happy birthday to Jonah! You have written a beautiful tribute.

  2. What a lovely and loving post :)
    Happy Birthday to your son. I wish you many more years celebrating with him

  3. Aww... that is such a sweet post. Happy B'day to the young man!!!
    Anjana @


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